System Integration

System Integration

We link up with each manufacturers- package, hardware, third-party- as partners, and we realize even more flexible and task-oriented system development

With our main focus on development from the scratch, we also provide systems that match your needs such as core package customization development, core collaboration subsystem development, and customizable package solutions.

Web-EDI/ Stock Management Solution (semi-order package)『WebLogi』

Are you having problems with tasks in sharing information with your clients and suppliers – “order slip entry tasks upon receiving fax and phone orders from your clients”, “correspondence of your clients phone inquiries about their stock”, “purchase slip entry tasks” ? With [WebLogi], once you let your clients/ suppliers know their login URL, IDs, and passwords, they are able to see a list of available items linked to their IDs. Also, because it shows the amount of stock available, there would be no need for your clients to make stock inquiries.


System Flow

System Flow (EN)

Sales Management Solution (semi-order package)『J@C Sales Management』

Are you separately managing your tasks with Excel and such because your existing package does not let you manage them? 「J@C Sales Management」lets you manage your tasks with a single system by customizing and adding necessary functions to the base package. Because we customize your original base package, resolutions to problems such as “I want to create order data with JAN code but…” or “monthly closing process for sales by agents and consignment sales is complicated” can be arranged with reduced man-hours; we are able to provide the sales management solution at lower cost than those usual “tend to be high priced” packages.

Sales Management Solution Flow (EN)

Package Customization/ Subsystem Development

We enter into a development partnership contract with each package manufacturer and receive API and individual support; this is why we are able to provide you with precise customization and with subsystems as a legitimate development vendor.

Development Case 1: Sales management package (Shoukon Shoukan by PCA) ⇔ Site controller relation

We realize highly accurate stock management by linking sales management with site controllers which integrate sales information managed in multiple EC sites.

Development Case 2: Sales management package (Shoukon Shoukan by PCA) ⇔ Add-on function development

We build an external subsystem which contains items that cannot be managed with the sales management package, and linked both systems with an API. It brings about the operability as if they are managed by a single system.

Development Case 3: Sales management package (Hanbai-ou by SORIMACHI) ⇔ Subsystem development

We develop a subsystem to carry out packing styles and order slip entries that cannot be entered with the sales management package. We develop a system to periodically link sales slips with purchase slips; functions that consume a lot of man-hours for development such as report exportation and AR/ AP management are secured by having them as a package. We bring systems that match the requirements, and at the same time, we reduce costs for the whole systems.

Development Case 4: Construction of DB tool (UnitBase by Just Systems)

We build both database and screens for clients who purchase packages; construction of database and screens are usually sold separately.
ex: HR management system, Budget management system, Quote management system, Disaster relief supplies management system

Development from scratch

We alleviate situations such as high-cost  “customization of existing package”, or  “existing system became a replacement target”  due to obsolescence of OS and middle-wares. We develop systems from the scratch to fit your needs.


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